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New Social Security Scam Hits Florida Seniors

New Social Security Scam Hits Florida Seniors

Social Security scams are facing a new frontier as Social Security started their online program. By breaking into the online program crooks can gain control of direct deposit information and get the money redirected to themselves.

Usually the way it starts is when a crook gains access to personal information with a phone or impersonation scam. Once they have this information they can change the direct deposit address at a bank or Social Security office. 36,000 people have fallen victim to this method nationwide since May 2011.

With the new Social Security online program thieves create an account in the victim’s name and with that they can easily change bank account information. The Social Security Administration has reported 2,400 victims nationwide of this scam, and 34 cases in Florida over the past few months.

The SSA says they will be doing an internal audit of the online system to see how much money has been stolen and how it can be prevented in the future.

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